March 25, 2003

Photo of Rod signing the photos

A special thanks to Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Victor Vincente and Russell Garcia for taking the time to autograph the photos for us.


Michael Hiltner
(Victor Vincente of America)
and Yvette Mimieux
(8"x10" w/ 1/4" white border)
hand signed and
inscribed as shown
by Michael Hiltner
Alan Young
( as David Filby)
(8"x10" full bleed)
hand signed
by Alan Young
Early photo of Doris Lloyd
(Mrs. Watchett)
(5x7 with pre-printed autograpgh)

Russell Garcia
8 1/2" x 11"

Custom Design showing a portion of the score of
The Time Machine
as shown.
Hand signed
Russell Garcia


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