This page showcases the model kits we have available. Further information on the kits is available by clicking on the appropriate link.

All items pictured here are kits and require assembly and painting.

Some kits require more skill than others to assemble

J&S Hobbies/Masterpiece Models

Dreamworks Time Machine

Masterpiece MOdels used Randy Coopers originals parts to create molds for this incredible kit.

It's 1/8th scale, same as the Alchemy Works 1960 kit.

There are over 340 parts so not for the weak hearted. There are no plated parts in this kit

Instructions are in the form of a cd with assembly photos, no text.

There is a detailed build thread on this model at this web site:

Classics Illustrated Time Machine

Photo is of a completed model, built by Jason Gares
More information on this kit

Time Machine

J& S Hobbies edition of the Time Machine.
This kit is an awesome 1/6th scale built from the drawings provided by Chris Perrotta.

A motor and lights kit is also available. Click here for more details

Photo is of a completed model, built by

More information on this kit

Miniature Time Machine
1:1 scale model of the
Time Machine miniature


1/6th Scale Time Traveler head

1/6 Scale head of a Time traveler. Head is designed to fit on a 1/6th scale action figure.


1/8th scale Dreamworks Time Machine

Time Machine Project

1/10th scale Time Traveler

This figure fits into the 1/110th scale Lunar Models Time Machine kit .
This is the figure only Time Machine not included.


Re-issue of the Lunar Models Morlock kit.

Alchemy Works

1/8th scale Time Machine

Slightly smaller than the J&S Hobbies model. Very accurate to the original. Master parts were 3D printed from CAD drawings

A lighting kit is available for this kit, lights only, no motor.

1/8th scale Diorama Base with Time Traveler, and dead Morlock

The black and gold sign is not included

1/8th scale Weena

This is the Weena figure only

1/8th scale attacking Morlock


Time Traveler with LED torch

Special Order


Attacking Morlock with LED eyes

Special Order

1/8 scale Morlock oxygen machine

Time Machine
Play set

Coming Soon

Earthbound Studios

Big Head Morlock

This amazing piece is over 18" tall. Includes all you see here, head, base, two smaller Morlocks and hand holding a bone. the back is detailed as well.

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