Now Available
36"x 24" prints of Chris Perrotta's
Time Machine drawings
and tantalus

These drawings represent a dimensionally accurate version of the M.G.M. movie prop
as it existed in George Pal's 1960 movie,
The Time Machine
Original archive sources, documentation, studio photographs,
interviews and other sources have been used for this reproduction.
Copyright 2010Don Coleman- all rights reserved.

These come rolled and sent in a mailing tube
Each sheet measures 36"x 24"
You get a copy of both sheets for only
$39.95 plus shipping.

If you have been wanting to build your own model from scratch regardless of size you'll want a set of these to work from.

They would also would look great framed

A set of Chris' drawings were used to
construct the
1/6th scale Time Machine Model by
Masterpiece Models

Sheet #1

Sheet #2

Chris has taken the time to spec out dimensions for a tantalus as seen in the film, including the decorations.

You get one sheet measuring 36" x 24". It comes rolled in a mailing tube as well.
No additional postage charges if ordered with
the set of Time Machine plans.

Tantalus dimensional drawing



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