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Full Name: David Owensby
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Date and Time: 7/10/2002, 10:17 PM
Comments: I found the coloring book page!
Full Name: Kai
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Date and Time: 7/8/2002, 5:01 PM
Comments: Hey there!
Im a 24 year old german student and I have to say that your page is really great! I fell in love with the 1960 movie when I first saw it (on December 30th, 1987, to be exact) and I will love it for the rest of my life! It impressed me so much that I dreamed of building a fully operational Time Machine by myself. Of course, this will never become reality, but I often watch my DVD version of the movie to let my childhood dreams come alive. Hopefully my own children will be as fascinated of it as I was and still am!
Best wishes to you, Don and Mary; hope this page will exist as long as there is a World Wide Web!
Full Name: Kent L Tomlin BA(Hons)QTS
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Date and Time: 6/9/2002, 6:58 AM
Comments: Fantastic web site..about time too!
Full Name: Paul
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Date and Time: 6/6/2002, 3:55 PM
Comments: A great site for a great story from a great man. A must for any respectable time traveller!
Full Name: Harry Hicooni
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Date and Time: 6/3/2002, 7:58 AM
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Full Name: Niteowl
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Date and Time: 5/29/2002, 1:19 AM
Comments: Great site-found some tidbits I didn't know before- lots of info...I have always loved the story and the adaptations I've seen so far..
And the time machine reproductions are stunning..

Oh, and has anyone else noticed the physical appearance Uber-morlock in the 2002v movie has an uncanny resemblance to the sphinx in the 1960v movie? The sphinx even seems to be meditating..
Full Name: ady julian
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Date and Time: 5/26/2002, 8:16 AM
Comments: dear Don, Mary. I would like to thankyou from my heart for this wonderful web site you have created. I've been in love with this film and machine, from the first time i saw it as a child. I have also learned a great deal about the man responsible for it all, with much respect. Please don't ever let this web site fade away! your truly, adrian julian.
Full Name: Chuck Buckley
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Date and Time: 4/29/2002, 9:30 AM
Comments: Hi Don & Mary,
My pleasure to sign your GB. I discovered your site quite by accident by looking at referral statistics from our TIMETRAVEL page. THANKS! for the link to our site. I will reciprocate today on my TIMETRAVEL links page. BTW- "Time After Time" is a favorite of my wife's and mine; what a GREAT show, and who better to portray Mr. Wells than the superb Malcolm M.! Stop by any time & post!!!
Chuck & Karen Buckley
Full Name: Rai Woods
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Date and Time: 4/27/2002, 9:41 AM
Comments: A great site!! hope that this will be as timeless as George Pal's classic " maybe one day all this will come to pass ? " all the best Rai.
Full Name: Emily
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Date and Time: 4/20/2002, 8:48 PM
Comments: This site is the best Time Machine site I've ever found. It has so much more than you could ever find any where elce. It truly is the best. I've learned so much about The Time Machine from this wonder full site.
Thank you so much
Full Name: Rachel
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Date and Time: 4/20/2002, 6:39 AM
Comments: Great site. I was doing a review on the new Time Machine movie, and I stumbled across your site while looking for links to include. It seriously has anything one could look for in regards to the movies and book...well done!
Full Name: Rain
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Date and Time: 4/13/2002, 10:22 AM
Comments: This site is the best one I've found so far about The Time Machine. It's great!!
Full Name: David Owensby
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Date and Time: 4/13/2002, 1:07 AM
Comments: Very cool. Stuff no one else has. I would very much like a model kit for the new machine.
Full Name: Jim Macumber
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Date and Time: 4/8/2002, 7:41 PM
Comments: I have been enjoying your website now for 10 months....I am a very very big fan of the original H.G. Wells novella AND George Pal's 1960 CLASSIC film...and I will be forever "in love" with that MARVELLOUS machine !!! Thank you so very much for all you do to provide us as fans with an extremely interesting, informative, and constantly updated site...with the added ability to communicate with other fans through the posting board. You are FIRST CLASS !!! Jim
Full Name: Marty
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Date and Time: 4/1/2002, 11:28 PM
Comments: Loved the movie & read just about everything ever written on this subject. Best Sci-fi model I'd ever seen (thanks to George Pal), even I eventually build one. I think Time travel is a great topic, and your site keeps the dream of it alive. I don't care what people think in regards to what this new movie should be as each will see something different, as long as the ideas are there, then so is the dream.
Full Name: The Time Travler
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Date and Time: 3/29/2002, 4:52 PM
Comments: I would like to see more information on how to obtain a copy of any of the Time Machine comic books !!
plaes, and thankyou !!
Full Name: Tom Wahl
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Date and Time: 3/12/2002, 7:08 PM
Comments: Thanks for the great site Don & Mary. I have a quality place to talk about the new film with others. In the first film Filby says "if that machine can do what you say it can then destroy it now". In the new movie that really happens. I liked the new telling.
Full Name: gary o'donnell
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Date and Time: 3/11/2002, 11:40 AM
Comments: i have been looking at your site since mid last year and i think it's great...i am from Liverpool in England and have travelled over to see the film whilst staying with friends in Boston. I gave my thoughts in a reply to a timester's notes on the film...

what can i say really is what it is...that's fine...but with a little less pre -supposition and subsquently a little more detail where it mattered.....

keep up the good work....gary o
Full Name: Jean Roberge
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Date and Time: 3/8/2002, 12:54 PM
Comments: I saw the movie when I was 12 years old... Then I wanted to be a Physics Engineer just because of it!
Guess what? I graduated in Physics Engineering 15 years later!

Full Name: beverley
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Date and Time: 3/3/2002, 4:24 PM
Comments: Can anyone give me more information about "Moura" H.G."s last lover? I have read his book H.G."s in Love" and I am fascinated by it.
Full Name: beverley
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/3/2002, 4:17 PM
Comments: Can anyone give me more information about "Moura" H.G."s last lover? I have read his book H.G."s in Love" and I am fascinated by it.
Full Name: Callum Chan
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Date and Time: 2/24/2002, 2:53 AM
Comments: Hi Don and Mary!

Of all the websites I have visited, the one I have visited the most is yours. It is fantastic in giving information about the novel, the original movie and the remake.

I very much look forward to seeing the new movie when it comes out. It's interesting to know that another Australian actor, Guy Pearce, has played the time traveller in this new movie. It is also interesting to know that Simon Wells, a direct descendant of HG Wells has directed this movie. I don't quite know what to expect of the new movie but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I so far have liked what I've seen in the trailer.

To both of you, keep up the good work, and may you and your website continue a long and successful journey into the future!
Full Name: Jacalyn
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Date and Time: 2/15/2002, 4:30 PM
Comments: Hey I love your site! All sorts of good stuff on it! I finally got my book club to pick a decent book and we chose The Time Machine... they all want to see the new movie and I said we should read the book so they can know how the story REALLY goes! I may be printing off pages from your site to take to show them! Thanks for putting up so much cool stuff!
Full Name: CO-D
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Date and Time: 2/4/2002, 4:25 PM
Full Name: sian cregan
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Date and Time: 1/31/2002, 2:06 PM
Comments: i love omero mumba and i saw him at childline and he waved at me and so does my friend bekah somerville!
Full Name: Carl Piermarini
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Date and Time: 1/25/2002, 7:52 PM
Comments: Hello Don and Mary,
I just wanted to say thank you once again for the wonderful (and I'm sure time consuming) work you do in keeping your web site the ultimate archive for everything related to The Time Machine.
Full Name: Bruce Holroyd
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/23/2002, 8:14 AM
Comments: Greetings to you both, Mary and Don! I have visited here so many TIMES, I feel as though I am home every time I return! Hmmmm... sound familiar?
Your site is still fabulous as always, and with the continuing coverage on the new film, you have been instrumental in keeping the spark lit for fans worldwide!
The exciting news about the new one-sixth scale model of the original, 1960 machine is very informative and a treat to the eyes of us all! You can be sure that I will be ordering one or two of these beauties from you in the very near FUTURE! My biggest dream of all would be to own a full scaled replica of the Time Machine, but I do not possess talent of that caliber to produce one. However, the one-sixth scale kit will satisfy my whims and love for this film for many years to come!
Thank you for such a great website and may I wish you and your wife many years of continued success! All the Best to you both and to all who love this film as much as I do! It is indeed, a dream that has finally come into its own TIME!
Full Name: Brad D. Murphy
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/22/2002, 11:10 PM
Comments: I love The Time Machine (1960). And I cant wait untill the new one comes out. This is a very cool site. I am building my own minature time machine from sratch.
Full Name: H.M. Holzman
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/15/2002, 12:07 PM
Comments: "My dear Rebecca... Did you not know who I was? What I was?" meancing laughter... "It's not how you live that counts..." Malichi.... (from my upcoming novel....)
Full Name: Ken Clay
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Date and Time: 1/12/2002, 3:06 PM
Comments: Great site...Terrific actor. "Hotel" was one of my
Full Name: Glenn Pall
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Date and Time: 1/4/2002, 6:53 PM
Comments: Still think this site is the greatest.I spend alot of time surfing(everyday) the pages to get more info and ideas on my own full size replica I started to build in the fall of 2000.I am currently about 30% done and making some progress with really no deadline insight.After all I have all the Time in the world or do I.Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more info and pictures about the Time Machine thanks Don and Mary for your work.