Alex Castro

I built this model for a collector I know, a Doctor Gigante. His dream for a long time was to have a working model of the time machine. This is the same passion I see driving your website. Thank you for sharing it with us!

This Time Machine is a very intricate model and I would like to thank my students Nixon and Manny, for the work they put into the Time Machine model.

This machine runs electrically on AC current since we converted it from the original 9 volt battery power supply. The dish spins around, the lights in the rear pulsate, and the lights at front blink at different rates.

This is more of a scratch built kit than a normal model kit . For example, all the cages for the lights had to be scratch built from wires. Some parts required soldering and some had to be made from raw materials. This model took a 1 1/2 years to complete, although we only worked on it during the weekends.

Once the model was completed it was quite a sight! It is very impressive when the dish is spinning and the lights are on.

Masterpiece Models edition of the 1/6th scale Time Machine painted by Alex Castro
The Time Machine picking up momentum!!
The Time Machine pulsating in the dark!!

The the cost to build and paint an operational time machine 1/6 scale, from Masterpiece Models is $3000.00 (This price does not include the price of the two kits). This price includes "in progress" shots, a certificate with a picture of the actual model built and painted with a synopsis signed by the artist. The model takes approximately six months to build and must be picked up because it is to fragile to ship! Any one who is interested can email me.


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