Doctors to
re-examine “Morlock” child

Reprinted by permission from
“The Medical Science Review”

Samantha Wales, an East Brooklyn woman who, a few years ago, gave birth to a “blue” baby (one suffering from hypoxemia) believes that her child may be part of an ongoing mutation of the human species – similar to what H.G. Wells describes in his classic novel “The Time Machine”.

The woman, who is employed by the city as a sewer inspector, was originally told by doctors that the blue color of her baby’s skin was caused by cyanosis – a condition brought about by a too high amount of unoxygenated hemoglobin in her blood. The problem appears to have been caused by the woman working in closed, improperly aerated spaces during her pregnancy. She was told that the condition would correct itself within six months.

In fact, the reverse has occurred. The child, now six years old and in good health, has become bluer than ever. Many have observed that the contrast of her skin with her bright yellow eyes is almost shocking and does indeed remind one of the Morlocks as they appear in the 1960 George Pal movie adaptation of the Wells story.

However, the claim that the child is an actual Morlock mutant stretches credibility somewhat. Doctor Malcolm Young of the Harvard Medical Research Institute has a more science-based explanation: the child may in fact be suffering from a rare advanced form of hypoxemia. This, he suggests, may become life threatening and it is therefore imperative that the child be under close medical supervision.

Mrs. Wales begs to disagree. The child is very active and shows none of the signs of fatigue observed in people suffering from hypoxemia. She insists that her child, in spite of her marked cyanosis, is otherwise in perfect health. Furthermore, to support her own hypothesis, she explains that her child became fascinated by the Pal movie at age three and even asked her father to build her a model of the “Time Machine” – with which she plays all day long. She also owns her own copy of Wells’s book and has read it many times. She has even been heard to quote from it on more than one occasion.

Even more surprising is the fact that the child will eat nothing but meat – mostly beef. Once, her mother even caught her munching on a piece of raw meat that the child had taken from the refrigerator. The mother admits she is somewhat concerned for her household pets, which seem to be very nervous around the child.

No matter the explanation, doctors have decided to give the child a thorough check-up to see if Dr. Young’s theory is correct or whether there might indeed be some substance to the woman’s claims.

An initial examination of the child has revealed other anomalies, such as a rather strange tooth structure, in some ways reminiscent of primitive carnivorous animals. If the woman’s assumptions should turn out to be founded, it would imply that, yet again, H.G. Wells’s predictions of the future are turning out to be remarkably accurate !ril



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