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Larry Brantley as the voice of Wishbone
Jordan Wall as Joe
Mary Chris as Ellen
Lisa-Gabriel Green s Weena
Rene Moreno as Mr. Delgado
Cristee Abbott as Sam
Adam Springfield as David
Angee Hughes as Wanda
Michael Halsey as the Pizza boy

Betty Buckley Producer
Mo Rocca Writter
Craig Mayes Director

WISHBONE is a live-action television series that brings books to life for kids and their families. In each episode, the star a friendly Jack Russell terrier with an overactive imagination leaps into another adventure with human owner Joe Talbot and his friends in their hometown of Oakdale. Of course, these adventures spark Wishbone's imagination, and he's reminded of a favorite classic story in which he is the hero!

In Bark to the Future, Joe learns that his own intellect can never be replaced by modern technology. Meanwhile, Wishbone, as The Time Traveler, finds that in the year 802,701 the lazy Eloi have allowed their intellect to be replaced by technology in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Ellen telling Joe he has to improve his math test scores

A friend gives Joe a calculator, welcome to the future

A machine that can send someone into the future??

Sounds like something from a book

Introducing the Time Traveler

The Time Traveler explains his theory that time is just another dimension

The Time Machine

Passing through time

Similar to the passing of time in Time After Time

The looming countenance of the sphinx




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