Page 3

Entering the huge Palace

Ah...matches and camphor.
A weapon against the Morlocks

Please no dark


More Morlocks!!!

The Morlocks chase Weena and the Time Traveler through the woods

Weena running with a torch fleeing from the Morlocks

Daylight! The Morlocks flee in fear of the sunrise

The panel doors are open! Now the Time traveler can reclaim his Time Machine

Weena attaches a flower to the Time Traveler before he enters the sphinx

Joe's next math test...word problems!!

Joe panics when de discovers his calculator is missing

Joe gets a worse grade on his test than before

To earn money to buy a new calculator, Joe helps out at a friends garage sale

Customers are in a hurry and the items have different percentages of discount!!

Wishbone to the rescue with a solution to Joes conundrum




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