Lost and Found

Another chapter in the continuing saga of
The Time Machine

When Bob Burns purchased the original time machine in 1976 from a dealer in Orange county the machine came with four spare parts. Two end caps for the console and two end caps for the rear cones on the engine housing. During the restoration process one of each of these parts was loaned to one of the volunteers to use as reference to construct replacement parts. The parts were never returned. When pressed on getting them back, Bob was told they had been stolen along with other items from the volunteers garage.

I was told this by Bob in the 90's and shown the remaining console end cap so I knew what it looked like. Fast forward to October 2013 when I received this photo from Vince Winskunas.

Vince was forwarding two photos from Bob Daggett, one photo was of a model Bob was building and the second was the photo of two end caps. I was actually flabbergasted at the sight. Could these really be the two parts that have been missing for so long. I forwarded the photo to Bob Burns and he immediately recognized them as the missing parts. I emailed Vince and told him what the parts were, at this time Bob Daggett didn't realize that he had two original parts from MGM to the time machine.

Vince then forwarded my email address to Bob Daggett so I could communicate with him directly. Bob was amazed that the parts he had were original as he didn't believe that the person he got them from would have sold them knowing that. The person he bought them from was the same volunteer that said they had been stolen.

Bob was amiable to returning the parts to Bob Burns and he and I came to an agreement to compensate him. I would do up some decals so he could finish his model and he would get a tour of "Bob's Basement".

Bob and a friend of his drove into Burbank from Las Vegas early November with the parts, still in the shipping box he aquired them in post marked 1986. Bob also brought the model he had been working on for over 35 years.

I took the folowing two photos of the parts then we drove over to Bob Burns home to give them to Bob.

When we arrived we were met by Bob's fabulous wife Kathy, Bob had fallen earlier that morning and wasn't able to meet with us. Kathy accepted the parts on Bob's behalf and Bob Dagget and his freind filled the next two hours or so taking photos of most everything, the word Wow was heard repeatedly during the course of the afternoon.

So, this closes the chapter on the missing parts, now does anyone know the where abouts of the original console? Last seen being put in a car to be delivered back to MGM studios in 1959.

The console end cap

The rear cone end cap



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