Time Machine is located in Swansea ,Wales, UK


A Stunning Full Size Working Replica Of The 1960's Film HG Wells The Time Machine

To purchase this Time Machine is a very rare opportunity, as there are less than 10 life size in the world, to the best of my knowledge.

This replica has taken over 8 years to complete and is finished to the highest standard, so much so, that it has fooled a number of people that have seen it into believing that it is the genuine article from the film. I regard this as the highest compliment.
Every component has been made from scratch, using real wood, metal and brass and aluminium, with immense attention to detail. Some of the small components have been made out of fibreglass resin. Nothing on this machine has come from a kit, and to my knowledge there are no kits using real materials as mentioned above, as opposed to plastic.

The Time Machine has custom made circuit boards in the front and back, and a custom made mechanism that enables it to operate from the dash board. When you push the lever from centre point forward, the dish will rotate forwards
and rotates backwards when lever is pulled down. The dish does need a little push just to start it, but it then rotates freely. Also, the sound track can be played optionally, via a attached sound system underneath the wooden base.

The machine consists of the following: The base is made of wood, stained and varnished. The chair is of wood with velour cushioned seat, armrests and foot stool. The bars are made out of steel and the dish is aluminium. The time speedo is brass and the platform on top of the dashboard which holds the 3 lanterns is also brass. It has a brass lever, with real Austrian crystal on top.

All paintwork on the dish has been professionally hand painted. The only transfers on this machine are on the front dashboard, as they were with the original prop.


Measurements : Length 7 Foot Approximate Width 5 Foot

This Time Machine is a real show piece and will compliment any hall, conservatory or large room.

UK buyers will have to collect or arrange shipment themselves.
International buyers please contact seller with address for shipping charge.
It is ready for buyer to make collection or shipping arrangements as soon as
payment has cleared.



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