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Time Machine Buildup
Bruce Holroyd
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July 1, 2004

The Time Generator Unit: Step A

Once the three parts of the main generator body are glued to each other, sanded off to hide the seams, and the molded 'rivets' are sanded down with their respective positions drilled out to allow for the eventual replacement of brass brad tacks, painting is done as described previously on page one of this description....

The unit is sprayed in the Hunter Green paint scheme as shown, masking off the rims of the power cone areas ( these rims will later be painted in Krylon 18 karat gold spray paint...highly recommended for its lustrous shine! ).

When dry, the unit is masked off again, concealing the mian body of the generator from the power cone rims. The rims are sprayed in several succeeding coats of the Krylon 18 karat gold, as is the base of the spindle unit for the dish ( more on this assembly in a later step ). I found a few areas after spraying the gold that needed to be touched up by careful brush painting, completing this phase of the build up. The rectangular plates on the rear of the unit were all brush painted themselves in the same gold scheme, and the two top rows are then centrally painted in the Hunter green. With a very fine brush, I then found it necessary to paint in the spaces between the plates. Notice that I have drilled out the hole in the one plate that will accomodate the shaft for the internal motor unit later. It is this motor that will power the spinning dish.

The final step... at least for now... is the attachment of all the brass brad tacks into the previously drilled holes, thus replacing the molded 'rivets,' adding more luster to the time generator unit!

Coming next: Continuing the build up of the Time generator's upper assembly: The application of the power cone decals, assembling the spindle for the dish and the internal motor! All in good...TIME!


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