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Time Machine Buildup
Bruce Holroyd
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May 10,2004

Cutting the templates out for the three top layers of the base design was tricky, as they needed some refinement after I had them all shaped. After getting each of the layers shaped the way I had wanted, I glued them together as suggested in the instructions, drilled the various holes for the chair, the time generator unit, the adapter plug (when I get it installed) and the switch to turn the power on/off.

Following these steps, I sanded the base layers to a smooth contour that satisfied me and then spray-painted it a dark brown ( Rustoleum "Painter's Touch" Kona Brown Gloss). Attaching the floor cushion was next.
Once the molded buttons were sanded off the floor cushion and I had it positioned correctly on the painted base, I drilled out each individual 'button' to accomodate a replacement brass tack brad in a later step. Drilling must be done carefully, so as not to drill completely through the underside of the base! Incidentally, there are a total of 36 'buttons' that must be replaced! I painted the cushion a base color of maroon red ( Delta "Ceramcoat" Maroon), followed by a layer of burgundy "Soft Flock" adhesive paint and fiber flocking to achieve the Victorian velvetine look.
After painting and drying time, I moved onto the replacement of the sanded off 'buttons' by filling each drilled hole with a shiny brass tack brad.

I am, at present, in the process of building the 'time generator unit' , having glued the two main halves together, and then to the unit's base. The whole unit is then puttied and sanded to hide any joining seams. Again, each 'button' on this unit is sanded off carefully (leaving only a very fine indication to 'mark' the drilling spot for the replacement brass tack brad). Drilling out the time generator is a lengthy process; there are a total of 55 holes to be made here! The front of the generator takes a total of 26 (13 each side), then a set of two (one each side), followed by another set of the same. The rear of the unit (towards the dish) will take 25.

Then time generator unit is painted in its customary 'hunter green' color, keeping the pod rims masked off to allow for later painting in its brass/gold sheen. The upper assembly that will hold the spinning dish is also masked to permit later coverage in the brass paint.


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