George David Pal was born in Eindhoven Holland in 1937.

The first film David did animation on was his father's film The Time Machine while working at Project Unlimited under the supervision of Wah Chang and Gene Warren Sr.

David also was responsible for the elf sequence in The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm and the marching toy soldiers in The Power.

He changed careers and became a furniture designer and an antiques conservator traveling to Europe several times a year.

Now at the age of 69, David is retired and lives in a home overlooking the pacific ocean and is continuing his passion for still photography.

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David Pal

    George Pal an David Pal on the set of
    Atlantis the Lost Continent
  • Born: Eindhoven, Holland
    Came to America when a child.
  • 8 years motor racing plus working in auto/motorcycle high performance mechanics and classic car restoration
    i.e:Was basically a "Race Bum"
  • Tattersfield Speed Equipment (Schraeger Engineering)
    Foreman, machine shop
  • Von Dutch
  • Granatelli Engineering
    High Performance work.
  • Was introduced to the aesthetics of still photography through friendship with Ralph Gibson and became interested in various aspects
    of same. Later shot a film for him.
  • Project Unlimited
    Got interested in animation and was given chance to do animation and 3 dimensional armature fabrication, worke on various animation projects and all the myriad of jobs that a Special Effects Studio would take. Worked on special effects for “The Time Machine”, Star Trek, Outer Limits, so on.

  • Edward Small Prod. (Goldwyn Studios)
    Animation/Special Effects. "Jack the Giant Killer"

  • Started freelancing on weekends as Cameraman.
  • MGM Production “The Brothers Grimm”
    Worked for 6 months in Germany, was introduced to the "Cinerama Three Strip Process" by T. Conroy, the company Vice President.
  • Project Unlimited
    Animated “Elf Sequence” in MGM production of “The Brothers Grimm”
  • Cinerama
    Field Technician, Asst. head of Photographic Department
  • Cinemiracle
    Head of Photographic Department
  • Benson and Lehrner
    Prototype evaluation and testing of experimental wide screen systems as well as Photo-instrumentation, Ultra- High Speed Camera systems.
    Worked on development of 360 Deg. Camera and viewing devices 10 perforation 35mm horizontal pull through motion picture camera.
  • Fairchild Optical
    Developing test methods and testing optics made for exhibitions; e.g. 180 Deg. Field angle lens, 70 mm film format for Spacarium
    Seattle Worlds Fair. Also tested prototypes for motion picture wide screen systems, designed by Felix Bednarz.
  • ABC, Wide World of Sports
    Motor Sports, Director of Photography, Introduced WWS to ultra high speed (128 to 600 frames per second) photography.
  • Barclay Productions
    Cameraman “Everybodys Talking”
    Cameraman documentary O.J. Simpson college football career.
  • Worlds Fair, New York (U.S. Government Exhibition)
    Design and mockup various show and display ideas to be used in exhibition.
  • Walt Disney Studios
    Camera Department. Animation camera, Scene Planning. Calculated camera movements and photography. Developed simplified
    system of developing logarithims for camera tracking. Worked on 101 Dalmations and some other small projects.
  • CBS Studio Center (Republic)
    Camera Department. Various camera related duties in relation to shows on lot. Equipment, camera personel, film Etc.
    Productions such as Gunsmoke, Wild West, Rawhide, Gilligans Island, Big Valley and so on.
  • Usher Design
    Design and prototype 10:1 aspect ratio wide screen system
  • Esstar Productions
    Director of Photography, documentary Haight Asbury Scene.
  • Smothers Brothers Show
    Director of Photography Show Opener
  • CBS TV City
    Director of Photography. Pat Paulsen Special
  • George Stephens
    Technical work “Greatest Story Ever Told” (Asked to develop Rennaisance painting look and camera masks)
  • John Urie Productions
    Set work, design “Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde.
  • MGM (Europe)
    2nd Unit camerawork. Automobile stuntwork.
  • Joop Geesink Studios ( Amsterdam, Netherlands )
    Art Director/Animator “Phillips Cavalcade” (History of Music), various commercials for the German and Dutch market.
  • Excelsior Films.
    1/3 partner in Academy Award winning Special Effects Company with Gene Warren and Wah Chang.
    Character and set design for combination live action and animated version of “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”
  • Worked for about 15 years on numerous feature films and commercials too many to list.
  • Decided to leave motion picture business.
  • Design and construction of furniture and Art objects for private individuals.
    Many magazine articles on my work.
  • Awarded Burlington House Annual Award for “Best Interior Design”
  • Open "at home business" importing antiques and decorative arts from Austria and Hungary.
    At the same time open Antique Conservation Facility specializing in sales and conservation of Biedermier furniture, 18th and 19th Cent. Time pieces and scientific instruments. Employed by museums and private collections.
  • Retired and have returned to photography, as well as pursuing a life long interest in Art history, classical drawing and painting.
  • Has 4 children (Alison, Daniela, Jeff and Jeremy) and is recently re-married and living, for the last 11 years, on the North Coast of California, behind “Redwood Curtain”


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