George David Pal

Because of the sometimes extremely disturbing errors and misunderstandings that are propagated on many websites regarding my father, George Pal, I have, as the Executor of the George Pal Estate, decided to support Don and Mary Coleman and their exceptional efforts towards an objective portrayal of my father as a person and his career. There have been times that I, and the Pal family, have been extremely disturbed and hurt over the false statements and claims made by others as to their personal knowledge of my father that, in fact, could only have been made for their own selfish motives and self aggrandizement. There are some who have, in spite of their claims to have known him well, hardly knew him or, in some easily found examples, never knew him at all. These claims regarding his history and personhood are often things only members of the family would know the truth of, or not. Viewed from the perspective of a son and, at times, associate of George Pal, I believe that Don and Mary Coleman, have created a site that has shown their remarkable interest in accuracy and understanding of the truth regarding my father's history as a film maker and more importantly, a person. It is for this reason that I commend the Colemans by supporting them and their exceptionally fine work towards this end, in any way that I can.

I have made available to the Colemans all photographs, artwork and documents that are in the exclusive possession of the George Pal Estate as well as my own personal mementos and recollections of our family life.

My best wishes to all of you who have now, and in the past, revered my father and his work. I hope you will find my contributions enjoyable.

—David Pal

George David Pal
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