I am from Brazil, 43 years old, economist and I collect movies. When I first watched the time machine movie I got flabergasted by the Victorian period, as well as furniture, clothing and other stuffs. Building a time machine means reviving all those feelings of the movie and the era it represents. Not even could I develop some small ability to build a time machine of my own, but also I could study the epoch and learn about a whole lot of interesting subjects related to it. In short, this movie has arose my interest for many things pictured in it, not to mention the sundial among
others. In this page, we can see many great people performing outstanding work of setting up models, and they are reaaly great modellers; they have really been an uplift for me to build mine and it´s very good to meet people who like the same things I do. Congratulation to all of you.




It took Delce a week to build his 3" Time Machine and diorama. It is entirely built from scratch using brass, card stock and wood. The machine measures 3"in length. The time traveler was crafted from a kit and painted to resemble Rod Taylor from the film. Doll house parts were used to complete the diorama.

These first three photos are of his 3" machine and diorama.

This took me one day to build and it is 3/4". Very tiny and took a lot of patience to build it.
— Delce Rodrigues

The four scratch built machines together.
3/4"— 1 3/4"— 2" — 3"
All models are made of brass, card stock and wood.

It took 2 days for Delce to scratch build this
model and a tantalus box to go with it.


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