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I found that, try as hard as I could to make each piece perfect, slight, almost imperceptable differences in the horizontal, or vertical, crept into the model and started to add up.  As the piece neared completion, I found that I had to find ways to compensate for these problems.        The completed models, without actual internal lighting, like mine, that I've seen on your sight, show the generator cone and caps, and the caps on the console in the off mode.  I tried to paint those parts as if the machine was turned on, with the generator cones and caps a mottled red- salmon color and the caps on the console a yellow-white. 

I used the motion picture "The Time Machine" to try to get each color correct.  The dish has been painted gold on many models.  I used freeze frame to carefull color match my mixed paints to the film.  It appears to be a light tan, rather than gold.  The decals would have shown up better on a darker background, but I opted for the light background.  This turned out to be the most complicated, difficult model that I've ever made.  It was also one of the most challenging and exciting project that I've attempted.  I have complaints about many aspects of the instructions, or lack thereof, and faulty casting of some of the parts.  However, this kit presented a rewarding, challenging opportunity to have my own model of one of the great props in the history of fantasy films.  Masterpiece models responded immediately to my emails, and sent a replacement part, at no cost.  Overall, the plusses far out weigh the negatives of the Masterpiece Model kit.

I've finally complete my Masterpiece Models time machine model.  300 hours of very hard work.  I had a wonderful time.  I've never attempted a project that was more difficult, and technically and artistically more challenging.  I realized from the beginning that I could never accomplish the degree of perfection (recutting the parts in brass, removing the resin revets and replacing them with brass) that some of your contributors have achieved.   I tried my best to finish every single piece to the best of my ability.  I'd never worked with decals or soldering before, so I had a very difficult learning curve.  I have the satisfaction of knowing that the completed model was the best that I could do, and that I'd met the challenge.  I've included a photo of the completed machine in the lucite display case that I had made for it.  The black and white checkerboard floor in the lab, where the viewer first sees the completed machine in the film, and become firmly associated the machine itself, so I floored the display case with two by two inch squares of black and white construction paper, painted with four coats of clear laquer.  Hope that you find it interesting.   Thank you, and thanks to your many contributors who made it possible for me to finish my project. 




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