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Urethane castings from mold taken from an original Berninghaus barber chair.

A Berninghaus chair was for sale on ebay and it didn't sell. The seller lived reasonably close to me so I contacted him and asked if I could borrow the parts to make molds, I had nothing to lose by asking. To my surprise he said yes. This was before I was able to acquire a chair for myself.

The left arm attached to the chair to check the fit. The arm is a casting taken from a mold made on my chair. The rails had been fabricated at this time also.

Thanks much to Chris and Ivan at Azusa Pipe and tube bending for doing sucha great job in making them. It was difficult to see the welds on these parts.

The horizontal rail, only two welds in this piece.

Connection of the front outrigger rail to the main side rail

Closeup of the rear outrigger rail.

Test fitting the rails with the rear pods and rail ends in place.

Also both arms are fitted to the chair.

The "gear box" to power the dish.

Various streel tubes cut and welded to create the support for the gears.

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