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The support column coming to life.

The rear green disk is made of MDF . The double cone is made from some scrap poplar we had at the shop and was cut on the table saw, not a lathe.

The counter balance is turned from a piece of Jelutong, nearly impossible to get anymore.

The collars are urethane castings.

Test fitting of parts, I like to do test fitting a lot that way there are no surprises later on during assembly.

The end caps of both the rear pods and console were masked off and spray painted. The S patterns on the rear pods were drawn by hand and a full size negative was made and then positives were printed on clear acetate. The company that did these for me has since gone out of business.

I wasn't sure how to make this part. On the first machine I made the part was made from a strip of aluminum 1/8" thick. It achieved the purpose but I knew there had to be a better way.

Our shop was having made a sign for our building and it was going to be cut with a water jet cutter in 1/4" aluminum. A light bulb went on and I drew up the pattern in Illustrator and got a quote to have my part made in 1/2" aluminum.

The part attached to the machine.

The console is made form a piece of 9" diameter water pipe, 1/2" thick walls. It was sourced out by Rob Niosi, Thanks again Rob.

The counter balance being painted Krylon Hunter Green.

Rob Niosi and myself gathered up every dark green paint chip we could find and checked it against the original machine now owned by Bob Burns and the closest color turned out to be Krylon Hunter Green.

New pinstripeing added to the rails. The stripes I had put on were too old and the adhesive wasn't holding, so I sourced out some on-line and it worked out great. I was also able to get matching color in both 1/4" and 1/8" sizes.

As I wanted to add the arms to the chair it was necessary to reupholster the entire chair as I didn't have any red velvet that matched what was on it.

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