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The rear filigree which sits between the outrigger rails and the side rails.

The stripes are pinstriped.

Sorry about the focus.

The cross members are 1/8" acrylic as are the support struts.

Cross members and outer rims are attached with contact cement.

The cross members and out rims attached. All the pegs are also attached. The rims are made of styrene and the pegs are 1/2" acrylic rod. Each peg is glued in place using an acrylic cement.

The outer rivets are the same as on the original machine... thumb tacks.

The outer rims and cross members have been painted a darker copper color and shown masked off so the main dish can be pained copper.

Here you can see the color of the cross members and outer rim and dish have been painted.


The intricate painted detail on the dish I accomplished using templates as shown here and paint markers.

The template shown pressed against the rim with the pegs and the paint marker paints along the edge of the template. Then move the template to the next position and paint the next one.

The last template was simply a washer cut to fit against the edge of the peg rim. Simply fill in the hole with the paint marker, green in this case.


The detail finished. It took approximately 2 hours to paint all of this detail on the entire dish.

The green bits, other than the dots, was simply drawn by hand .

Three stages of painting the Fluer de les on the dish.


Far right quadrant: The pattern taped on the dish. I took a photo of the original dish and drew the main line art in Illustrator and then printed it out on three pieces of paper then taped the pieces together to create the design .

Once the design was taped on the dish in the correct position I place carbon paper under it and traced the design onto the dish.

Next I hand painted the black line art by simply drawing on the lines created by the carbon paper. The highlight colors were drawn by hand using a printout of the quadrants as a guide. It took approximately two hours to paint all four quadrants.

The dish completely painted.

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