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View from the front.

The lamp cages are made from 9/64" brass rod, cut and soldered.

Insulators installed and wire attached. The black wire, one o each side of the machine, actually carry the 120v to the upper light.
Rear view showing the drive shaft. Shaft is a 5/8" steel shaft with a keyway.

Upper cage installed, also made form 9/64" brass rod. The light bulb is a replica of an early Edison bulb. This particular one has a quad loop filiment.

Decals applied tot he rear green disk and the counter balance weight.

Decal applied to the front of the console. I have an Alps 5000 printer which allows me to print gold foil onto water slode decal paper.
The dish attached.

Light bulbs installed on console, lever in place.

Lights powered up.
Finished except for the installing the glass dome on the console lights. I'm very careful with those as they were hand blown in solid color glass by an artisan on the east coast and cost about $50 each to have made.
The finshed machine installed at the Steampunk History Beyond Imagination exhibit at the Muzeo in Anaheim.

My wife and I with our Time Machine.

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