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Beginnings of engine housing. Made of 3/4" multiply plywood

The chair is the same one I built for the first machine I built. The person who ended up owning it bought a real Berninghaus barber chair and replaced the one I had built. He asked me if I wanted it and I said yes, not knowing at the time what exactly I would use it for.

The base is cut from 4 layers of plywood. The edges were routed and then the layers stacked to create the same profile as the real machine.

The housing painted in Krylon Hunter Green and the base assembled and stained. Also the feet are attached.

The sides of the feet are urethane castings made from a foam master. I installed metal castors in each of the feet to make it easier to move.

The side rear pod rings. These are made of MDF and then sanded and primed

The insulators, some in primer and painted red.

The console light bar, the brass squares for the back of the engine housing

Some of the various bits.

Masters for the front and rear filigrees which mount between the side rails and the outrider rails.

Cast urethane rosettes, Thanks Rob.

The wire coils which attached to the rear engine housing and the ball above it.


Insulators painted, top finial and large red insulator.

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