In 2013 I decided to have a full size Morlock constructed, the following photos illustrate its construction.

The first one (Dug) was constructed by a team of 6. Myself, Todd Rex (T Rex) , Chris Bergschneider, Sheila Mia Seifi, Michelle Collins, Kevin Haney, and Ernesto Cornejo.My wife and I have since decided to keep Dug and Dug now has a twin brother Digger who is one year younger.

Front of fiberglass form covered in plaster bandages

Back of fiberglass form covered in plaster bandages

Rough sculpture of the head

Head mounted on body

Clay sculpture spayed with wate and wraped in plastic to keep it from drying out

Starting to take shape

Really starting to look like a Morlock

Roughing out the left hand

Final texture on the left hand

Early sculpt on the foot, not quite right

Need to look more human, just with only three toes

T. Rex aka Todd Rex, sculpting on the head

Some folks have the impresion I was used as the model...

Chris Bergschneider preparing the sculpture for molding

They let me help... a little

Chris having just finished adding the mold shims to the siliconed sculpture

Front of the sculpture having been covered in silicone and the shims put in place to allow for the mold to be seperated

Fiberglass jacket is now applied

Compleated fiberglass jacket

Front of fiberglass jacket has been removed, ready to remove the silicone mold

Silicone mold removed from the front half revealing the clay sculpture

Front half of fiberglass mold

We made a fiberglass positive from the mold immediately as an insurance in case anything untoward should happen to the silicone mold

Threw some hair on him just to see how he would look


First pull of the mold with a silicone skin and hard foam backing. Didn't realize just how short he is until now
Michelle Collins trimming the silicon seams

Michelle and friend, ready for paint

Kevin Haney applying paint detail to the skin
Painted, but not so scarry looking...not yet
Michelle applied all the hair to our friend

Sculpture of the tongue and gums was done as a seperate piece

Hair work finished and whip in hand, just need to get the loin cloth from his buddy behind him



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