Ernie Einarson

My name is Ernie Einarson. I am 29 years old and live in Canada. I have been a fan of the Time Machine since I saw it on TVONTARIO, about 20 years ago.
The model was constructed from wood plaques I bought at the dollar store, and pieces of plastic tubing, painted metallic gold. The control panel is made from a piece of doweling. Hope other fans enjoy my pictures.
Ernie Einarson


The next three photos of of Ernie's first model

My first model was made from cardboard and paper mache. it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but it was my first attempt. I also made another version of a time machine that runs on rubber band power. When you wind the disc up it turns on it's own. I was starting to get the idea of how to build it properly.
I also built a new model based on George Pals original concept. The control panel lights up, as well as the light in front of the dish. I am presently working on installing a motor to turn the dish. Right now the lights are run by remote control, the motor will be run the same way.


These two of of Ernie's second model. This one is powered by a rubber band.

This model is his current one and is electrically powered.


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