Additional Comments

Without a construction-plan nothing will work, and I am happy to have the details for the model due to your original photos. As you can see on my photos, I tried to reconstruct as much locomotion as possible.

The constructing work at the mechanic-calculator took almost two months, and the work on the rotors with their drives almost three months. All cog-wheels and shafts rotate, the nine brass-columns of the mechanic-calculator and the gearshifts move. It was the most difficult part of the whole work to make my model work automatically - as the original does.

My time-machine was already completed in January 2003, but unfortunately there are no pictures or plans from the constructing-period. But after all I have found one more beautiful photo to send to you.

I admire the other people's models in the same way I like my own work. If possible, send them my regards! I would like to give my congratulations to everyone of them, because I know very well how much time and enthusiasm is inside their fantastic works. Maybe we inspire some other people with our works and get them interested in this topic.

— Martin Fromme

July 22, 2004

These photos show the beginning of the construction and the first manufactured parts. At this point, the model is stil in an experimental state, to test the functions of locomotion and motors. There were a lot of
technical problems I had to solve; as you see, there were a lot of changes until the machine was completed.

Because I want to construct the machine as close as possible to the original, I am trying to make details more perfect at the moment : a new copper-boiler, a new compression-meter and so on.
You see the new battery unit, Transformer and the mechanic-calculator.


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