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October 21, 2004

Martin has sent in more photos of his amazing model of the 2002 Time Machine. He and I will be attempting to provide a video of his working model in the following weeks.

In the photos you can see the new electronic-system, that will manage the starting-process. 8 relay-stations connected by 12 channels control the different speeds of the engines. All cables are connected with plugs to avoid problems with repairs or replacements.

It is very complicated to reconstruct the light of the time-machine, but the 24 new LED's, which work in 4 steps, will give a good simulation. Some of the photos, that show the light of the time-machine, are taken without illumination. I think, it is quite similar to the original!

I'm sorry that this it is for the moment, but that doesn't mean, it is the end. In the photo you can see the first new sample of the new wheels. Later I will create new rotors and prism-glasses; but this should not be done a hurry. In my future plans, the rotors will consist of 120 to 150 single pieces.

Again I want to thank you for the model-presentation on your website. I would be happy to see another 2002-model on your website; a model of someone, who was inpired by us.

Best wishes to you, your wife and all other time-machine fans.

—Martin Fromme


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