How to Build a Time Machine
Primitive Entertainment Production
Directed by Jay Cheel
Produced by Kristina McLaughlin, Kevin McMahon, Roman Pizzacalla
Executive Produced by Michael McMahon
Cinematography by Jay Cheel

For information:

In the summer of 2013 a fellow time machine builder, Rob Niosi, contacted Don Coleman in regards to a documentary he was being involved with regarding the building of a time machine and asked if Don would be willing to participate and could he contact Bob Burns to see if he would be as well. The answer to both questions was yes. Don had already read Professor' Mallett's book and was very excited to find out he was involved and would be coming to Los Angeles for the filming here.

Day one was filmed at Studio M, a green screen stage located at the facility where Don works, Makeup and Effect Labs in North Hollywood, CA.

Don's time machine replica had been moved onto the stage along with his full scale Morllock affectionately refered to as Dug.

Footage was shot of Rob and Don talking "shop" and Don was interviewed at length.

Day two was filed at the home of Bob and Kathy Burns, they own the original prop time machine from the George Pal 1960 film. Later, Prof. Mallet visited Studio M and got to see and take a ride in Don's time machine replica. This is the second full size machine he has built, The first one was done for privately owned museum in Sacremento which has since closed. The machine was sold to Disney exec. Tony Baxter and the machine resides in his dinning room which is now more of a time machine display room.

Prof. Mallet signed Don's copy of his book and Don's wife and he made Prof Mallett a member of their Temporal Mechanics Time Travelers Society complete with certificate. Don did get some time to talk with Prof. Mallet about his time machine theory and machine design but wished he had had more time to talk at length. Perhaps once the documentary is finished they can meet up again.

First day of filming at Studio M in North Hollywood
Rob Niosi taking photos of Don Coleman's full size replica of the George Pal time machine

Rob Niosi and director Jay Cheel confronted by a Morlock guarding the time machine

Rob Niosi, Don Coleman and Dug

Day Day two shooting in Burbank at the home of Bob and Kathy Burns
Professor Ronald Mallet's dream comes true of seeing the original movie prop time machine

Professor Ronald Mallet, Mary Coleman and Don Coleman

Rob Niosi taking photo of the console of the time machine in Bob's Basement
Original art work from the film is on the back wall

Later on day two, Professor Mallet visited Studio M to see Don's full size replica of the time machine...

and take trip to the future

An opportunity to talk to an expert about the real possibility of time travel, how rare is that?



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