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Total scratch built model

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Videos of his model are available on YouTube:
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I wanted to build the machine model the same way the George the time traveler would have built it back in 1899. I used real brass parts to make the railings and rosettes. I also soldered all the metal joints, and sanded them down to give a clean look.
Then covered the solder with gold colored oil paint.
This is the control box. I wanted to make my box out of a material that was made of a black material.
I used Delrin plastic to construct it. For the motor speed control I used a very small and little exspensive POT.
The throttle handle is made of solid brass
More of the railings. I used a schematic to make the rialings perfectly match each other. I soldered 4-40 bolts to hold the railings to the wood platform. Again made out of brass. The only difference is that the left sided one that connects to the control box is hollow to allow magnet wire through to connect the lights and throttle. All the railing is grounded or I run the negative current through it. Similar to the way a car runs.
These are the generator out board grills. I at first used pre cut wire to do them. But later discovered it was better to just cut a long length of copper wire, hold it and solder one side to the base, cut it, and solder it to the smaller copper loop. I used acrylic to form the cone shape. Once I completed the grill the acrylic was removed and the copper painted and the acrylic was put back in place. Drawing out on paper the placement of the wire was very helpful, I used double sided tape to hold down the acrylic to the paper thus not loosing my placement
This was my first attempt at make the generator. I used brass of course . I was intending on having an internal gear driving system, which didn't work out due to lack of knowledge of making gears.... I ended up making 5 of the "arm" or "axle" that connects the disk to the generator tower. I first tried having the brass spin inside the tower without any bearings. That didn't work well....
This still the first motor. I first used a 1.5 - 3 volt motor. To power it I used 1 three volt lithium battery. Unfortunatly the power drained super fast and was big dissapointment. Special note: Only the circular part of the generator was made of brass. The "box" shape and mounting plate was made of ABS plastic. I use bondo to fill any gaps. The back "cooling plate" was of course made of brass and super glued to the generator. The low cut points were eventually painted the same as the generator.


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