Jack's Machine

by François O. Beaulieu

After completing his rendition of the Morlock Sphinx, Jack Polito decided to materialize his dream of a Time Machine miniature.

He wanted it to be built entirely from scratch so that he could call it all his own... But he also wanted it to be as cost-effective as possible so he tried to integrate as many readily available items as he could into his model. For instance, he used measuring cups that came with a cough syrup bottle for the pods on the generator housing and, for the dish, he used the lid of a teapot. Phone wire was used for the six coiled wires on the motor housing. The railings were made with wire coat hangers.

The chair base was built from balsa and covered with a malleable compound that was then sculpted into the shape of the woodcarvings as well as the upholstery on the seat, back and armrests.

The Time Traveller figure is a modification of a Dr.Who five-inch figure. The model measures six inches long, seven inches high and four inches wide.

The actual expense was about ten dollars. However, if Jack ever sold his model, he would ask a little more for it !

How do you make a Time Machine? Jack's recipe is a simple one : Start with coat hangers and end with a teapot.



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