Jack built another Sphinx

By Francois O. Beaulieu

A few years ago, I wrote an article on Jack Polito’s diorama of the Morlock Sphinx as it appears in George Pal’s adaptation. His was a one-of-a-kind creation that was soon purchased by a fan. A few years later, another fan that had his eyes on Jack’s first model asked him if he would be willing to make another one for him.

Jack was busy with other projects at the time but eventually got around to it. However, he did not want to just duplicate the one he had already built so he started again from scratch and modified his design of it.

At the time, I suggested to Jack that it would be great to add a little Time Machine to the new diorama. Jack not only took me up on the suggestion but even added the Time Traveller and a Morlock ! The customer was thoroughly delighted with these unexpected additions.

Jack used a 1/2" foam-core for the base and then roughly carved out a thick block of Styrofoam for the basic shape. He then covered that with a thick mixture of Activa Permastone casting material in which he sculpted all the details of the Sphinx.

As for the miniature Time Machine, it was made from a combination of small objects that were a close match for the different parts of the Machine. The sign was sculpted out of Magic Sculpt. As for the figurines of the Time Traveller and the Morlock, they were HO train-size reworked to fit the characters. The trees and bushes were scenic material used in making train layouts i.e. woodland lichen material in various colors.

Here is the result…



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