I have been a model marker for many years mostly model planes that I have flown. I'm over 60 years old and I love to fly model planes every weekend. I have made so many planes I can not count them all.

I have made for example a F16, F-15E Strike Eagles, P-40E Warhawks, F-111A/Aardvark, F-4E Phantom, Sky Ranger F4U Corsair, F18, Wild Cats, Tomahawks, etc.

I worked on props for movies here in Nevada and some Casino rides. I met John Breathwaite* in the only model shop here in Pahrump which is a small town near Las Vegas. He had a very small model he made of the Time Machine that he wanted to light up and motorize. I told him I would help him. I had motors and lights in my work studio. So I helped him and he made his model work beautifully.

He then asked if I wanted to make Time Machines from scratch that worked, so I did. We put it up on eBay and I will make more.

Right now I'm making a working Manta ray spaceship prop from War of the Worlds. When it is finished John and I will put it up on eBay. Best Wishes James Lucas

* John Breathwaite is aka Caruhasa

Model on right is made by James Lucas. The smaller model and the Tantalus box were built by Vince Winskunas. For more about Vince's work Click Here



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