Josephine Powell

Josephine Powell was one of the Eloi in George Pal's The Time Machine. I had seen her name in the imdb lisitng. One day last May I received an email from her wanting to know if I'd be interested in meeting with her. We met at MEL where I work and spent hours taking about her involvement in the film and other aspects of her life. We shot a small interview with her and it is still in the editing and post process. I went through the Time Machine film and pulled out several screen captures which show her.

Dug, myself and Josephine Powell

Josephine's Website

These are two frames show the Eloi outside of the sphinx after several of the Eloi have gone inside. Theorectically they should have the same paople in the same locations as one is supposed to be a close up of the other. However, you can see that the paople in one frame may not even be in the second. Josephine is in the long shot but not the closeup. She also ends up insdie the sphinx as do others shown here as being outside. Josephine observed that George Pal set each shot and used who he thought looked best for the scene. Josephine and a couple of the other girls had real blonde hair, not wigs and were used more often thean those wearing the wigs.



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