Model of the 1956 Classics Illustrated Time Machine
by Lance Oldham

I developed the working plans for the model based on artist Lou Cameronís illustrations in the comic. The comic is not totally consistent with its details, so I had to make choices of whether to model the time machine from the cover artwork or the interior details. I ended making a composite model. One discovery that I made while developing the plans to a human scale and human ergonomics is that details shown in the comic donít result in a consistent design that would work if an actual machine was made. Therefore, the proportions of the model are slightly different than the artwork (for example, one panel in the comic shows the Time Traveler sitting in the saddle with both feet on the floor. This is not possible in reality using all the other physical requirements, similar to some of M.C. Escherís impossible art pieces). I made the model using a scale of 3/4" = 1 ft (1/16 scale). The model sets on an 8" diameter separate removable base (there is nothing that attaches the model to the base so it can be displayed either way). The model is made of wood, plastic, metal, wire, and paper. The colors are based on those shown in the comic. — Lance Oldham

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