For decades fans of George Pal's Time Machine have wanted a copy of this wonderful little model. Some have paid thousands of dollars and waited for years in hopes of having their
dreams come true.

The waiting is over.
Now available for the first time, a model kit of the famed miniature Time Machine from the
George Pal feature.

Masterpiece Models has recreated this icon of film history in 1:1 scale to the model used in the film. The image to the left was painstaking created by Chris Perrotta using 3D virtual software. The files created where then used to produce actual parts by means of Stereo Lithography assuring that each part would be as accurate as possible to the 3D image. These masters were then molded and resin castings made which comprise this kit.

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The base and feet

Two of the Chair components and the engine housing.
Note: the cushion is reversed in this photo

Decals are printed in black, metallic gold and
full color on the dates

Exclusive to our website you will also receive a sheet of gold foil decals at no additional charge.
Each sheets has two sets of decals as shown in the above example
Gold foil decals are also available seperately.



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