The Traveler, Mark Lytle, sits at the controls of the Time Machine with Alix Black and the puppet character Winna.

Photo credirt: Charlie Hall/Sun Journal

Written by Jay Tyson and Keith Boyd
Based on the novel by H.G. Wells

August 2, 3, 9, 10 at 7:30 p.m.
August 4. 11 at 2 p.m.
Admission: Advance $12, Door $14,
Students and active duty military $10 with photo ID
Directed by Jay Tyson
Produced by Karen Pierson

HG Wells wrote many fantastic tales during his career, but none more whimsical and magical than The Time Machine: the story of a Victorian era gentleman who dreams of a future where man has finally put away his guns and weapons of war in favor of peace. The Traveler, as he is called, relays his fantastic tale to his closest friends after stumbling in, exhausted and terrified. Traveling from the 1800s all the way to the far future, the Traveler encounters a world so terrifying and horrific that he barely escapes with his life.

Running time: 70 minutes

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The Time Traveler: Mark Lytle

Winna: Alix Black

Primary Eloi/Morlock: Audrey Moore

Elois/Morlocks: Levi Edwards, Jacob Fisher, Jane H. Maulucc

Morlock Leader: Cliff Nielseni

Giant Centipede: Jacob Fisher,Levi Edwards

White Moth: Nancy Hitchcock

Grey Men: Grazie Boccia,Audrey Moore

Giant Crab: Cliff Nielsen, Nancy Hitchcock, Jane H. Maulucci

Crab: Jay Tyson


Director: Jay Tyson

Producer: Karen Pierson

Stage Manager: Dorothy Minervini

Assistant Director: Keith Boyd

Assistant Stage: Manager Susan Johnson

Script Writers: Tyson and Boyd

Script Editors: Alix Black, Mark Lytle, Jane H. Maulucci and Karen Pierso

Set Designer: Jay Tyson

Set Construction Chief: Joe Sullivan

Set Construction Crew/Painters: John Baldwin, Brian Blalock

Crew members
Machine Builders: Jay Tyson, Chris Cooper and Brian Moye
Machine Electrician: Terry Frederick
Machine Consultant: Frank Eason
Lighting Designer: Kris Pierson
Lighting Board Operator: Alex Norwood
Sound Designer: Mike Lewis
Sound Technician: Brittany Lewis
Puppet Designer: Jay Tyson
Costume Designer: Jane H. Maulucc

Puppet Builders/Costume Assistants
Melissa Hardison, Chason Lapointe, Heather Maher, Dorothy Minervini, Audrey Moore, Chuck Moore, Cliff Nielsen, Karen Pierson and Deanie Singleton

Properties Manager: Dusty Dustin

Stagehand: Chris Powers

Flyrail Operator: Noah Auten

Photographer: Shawnee Martinez



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