The Outer Limits

The Human Factor

Written by: David Duncan
Directed by: Abner Biberman

Gary Merrill

In a military base, in the frozen vastness of Greenland, an army psychiatrist devises a machine which enables him to tune in directly to his patients thoughts. He uses it on Major Brothers, a highly dangerous paranoid who had been brought to him after persisting that the base had been invaded by a snowman-like creature. But an accident occurs which effects the machine and produces an incredible phenomena. The men's minds have been switched. The psychiatrist now possess the brain of his patient, and is intent on blowing up the base with an atomic charge in order to destroy the snowman. Major Brothers now contains the psychiatrist's brain, but is placed in an isolation room in the hospital, unable to make anyone believe what has happened or to prevent the psychiatrist from carrying out his mission. Only Ingrid, the psychiatrist's assistant, is able to recognize the truth. For all his physical likeness, the psychiatrist is not the man she had fallen in love with. That man is in the body of Brothers, who she can perceive with her heart. She helps Brothers escape from the hospital in time to thwart the psychiatrist from setting off the atomic charge. In a fierce struggle, Brothers is critically shot, but manages to force the psychiatrist under the machine. his desperate hope is that by applying the current again, he can re-exchange their minds. he succeeds, only seconds before he dies. Ironically, as the psychiatrist points out, he had killed himself.


HARRY GUARDINO (Major James Brothers)
JOE DeSANTIS (Col. William Campbell)
GARY MERRILL (Dr. Hamilton)
SHIRLEY O'HARA (Dr. Soldini)
JOHN NEWTON (Peterson)
IVAN DIXON (Major Giles)

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