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Since this was my first attempt at building a resin model I was fortunate enough to find the Time Machine Project web site. All of the information that I wanted to know about building the Time Machine was there. After reading what other Enthusiasts like Martin Bleasby and Alain Gadbois had done on their models, it was obvious that their talents far exceeded that of my own.

I decided to build my first model with no customizing and use only the parts that came with the kit. The prep work (sanding and premiering) and even the painting went very smoothly with a little patience and I was feeling pretty proud of myself until it came to applying the decals and building the cages for the lights. Appling the decals takes patience and experience which I have neither. It took a lot of time and a couple of extra sheets of decals but I learned a lot.

As far as making the wire cages, I used the wire which came with the kit. Using various sized bolts to wrap the wire around, I formed the shape of the gages and glued every thing together with epoxy glue. I had doubts about how my model would look when finished but all in all I am very pleased with the way it came out.

I have purchased a second Lunar model and with what I have read and the experience I have gained, this model will come out even better. I intend to photograph certain steps that I found difficulty with and offer suggestions that I used to make it easier for others with little experience (like myself) to built this model themselves.

I am a HUGE fan of the movie and have always wanted to own a replica of Time Machine. I found a few people selling a built-up model but the asking price was way out there. After buying the Lunar model I got quotes of 750 to as much as 2000 dollars to have it built for me. As much as I wanted to own this model, the price to have it built was too much so I decided to try and build it myself. It does take time and patience and there are little tricks I have learned to make it a whole lot easier for almost anyone to build this model and be completely happy with the results. I will forward more photos and notes in the future in hopes that it might encourage others to buy and build the Time Machine that they have always wanted.




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