July 1, 2004
The approach I decided to take to construct the Machine's console gauge sides required I first tinker together an electric hot wire foam cutter. I used a 3/8" threaded rod which I heated and bent into an "L" to hold the cutting wire.

I used the brass console plate as the guide for cutting 2" thick pink rigid foam.

It was so much fun cutting the foam that I couldn't stop myself. So...

I went mad. Somebody stop me!!!
A block of wood with nails was great for holding the pink foam while continuing to shape it.

A piece of sandpaper glued to the console tube worked well to get the right contour in the foam.

I then used drywall compound to get a smooth finish on the foam. Spackel, sand, spackel, sand spackel, sand.

Now I'm ready to make a silicon rubber mold.
In a box made of cardboard and wood and assembled with hot glue, liquid silicone rubber is poured over the rigid pink foam form.

The finished rubber mold is fully cured, removed from it's box and the pink foam original is removed.

A casting is made in the rubber mold using urethane resin
The casting is cured and removed
from the rubber mold.

I can begin to imagine what it will look like completed.


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