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900 PVC water pipe (not drain pipe) is the "correct" diameter for the console.

Routing a recess on the edge to give the console the look of rolled sheet metal.
( This was Francois' brain child.)

Paper is nice but brass in much better.

Sandwiching the brass plate between wood, adds control when cutting on a scroll saw. I used 11 gauge brass to get a substantial look.

Brass console face before clean-up and detailing.

Machined 1/2 inch half spheres made great rivets if they are ground down a bit. These have a 1/8 ips tap. They are available with a 8-32 and 1/4-20 tap ( at much greater expense) but the thinner wall grinds easier, faster and with less heat.

Grinding the spheres

The half spheres are ground down to between .2 and .205 inches. This gives them the look of real rivets and adjusts the diameter to the "correct" size.

Spun aluminum dish.

Sanding "spinning lines" out of dish.


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