Luigi’s Minis
By François O. Beaulieu

Many fans of the Time Machine enjoy making likenesses of their favourite prop. And several of them prefer to make a model that is close in size to the miniature seen at the beginning of the movie. However, a few of them wish to go one step further…

Luigi Vaccarini’s models are well known to regulars of this site. Although Luigi’s first models were close in size to the movie miniature, his later models have mostly been nearly half that size – at a little over three inches.

There is something about a really small miniature and it didn’t take long for Luigi to wonder just how small his models could get…

Luigi’s first attempt in the ultramini world was a model measuring no more than one inch and a half. It came with a mini chest lined in red.
Could he make one even smaller ? The challenge was too hard to resist. Thus Luigi went one step further and came up with a model no more than three quarters of an inch in size!!!
The “Tantalus” for it ended up being a little ring box – lined in red, of course…What next ? Luigi is looking into the “flea” scale !



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