Here is a brief look at the 1978 Made for Television version of The Time Machine.

Sunn Classic Pictures Inc. 1978

Broadcast on NBC November 5, 1978
Runtime: 94 minutes too long

Directed by: Henning Schellerup
Writen by: Wallace C. Bennett

Produced by:
James L. Conway executive producer
Charles E. Sellier Jr. executive producer
James Simmons producer

Original Music by: John Cacavas

John Beck .... Neil Perry
Priscilla Barnes .... Weena
Andrew Duggan .... Bean Worthington
Rosemary DeCamp .... Agnes
Jack Kruschen .... John Bedford
Whit Bissell .... Ralph Branly
John Hansen .... Ariel
R.G. Armstrong .... Gen. Harris
John Doucette .... Sheriff Finley
Parley Baer .... Henry Haverson

Whit Bissell as Ralph Branly

Andrew Duggan as Bean Worthington

Parley Baer as Henry Haverson

John Beck as Neil Perry and
Priscilla Barnes as Weena




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