Screen capture of the sun dial

From a set still dated
June 3, 1959
The actual sun dial positioned on a plaster pedestal I bought in 1992

Back around 1992 Bob Burns had called me regarding building a copy of the sundial for Time Machine: The Journey Back. At that time I searched around and found a plaster copy of the pedestal which appears to be identical to the one used in Time Machine. I had begun to create measured drawings to replicate the sun dial when I was told the scene had been scraped and the sun dial would not be needed after all. Pity, as I would have liked to have one for my own yard. I kept the drawings I had made in case I found some time to further work on it.

Years went by and around 1998 or so, while channel surfing, Mary spotted the sun dial in an episode of Diagnosis Murder. That week I went out and bought a copy of Variety and looked up the production department for the show. I called and asked to speak to the Property Master and asked where they had gotten the sun dial. It was rented from one of the prop rental companies and they gave me the name of the person to speak with. I called the prop house and asked about the sun dial, I was told that Diagnosis Murder rents it out for the entire shooting season and it was only available while the show wasn't shooting.

In 2000 I found I had some spare time and realized that the show was on hiatus so I called to see if the sun dial was in stock, it was and I could rent it. I rented it for a week and took the photos on this page. I still have hopes to build one one day. The prop house has the sun dial valued at $4000 and is not interested in selling it.

Update 2005.

Apparently not for sale doesn't have the same meaning nowadays as it once did. Frank Thetonia was able to convince the prop house to sell the sundial to him as well as one of the wall clocks used in the film. I had tried to buy the wall clock the day I returned the sundial but once again was told it wasn't for sale. I made the mistake of showing a photo of the clock to a friend and told him where it was. He and Frank were more successful in getting the prop company to sell. Photos of the sundial and wall clock can be seen on this page.

The entire sun dial is made of brass castings. The outer support ring is not truly round, it appears it was assembled this way originally and not as a result of damage as the support castings are mounted off center.
The gnomon is missing, as well as various nuts required to properly set up the dial.

support incorrectly positioned behind the bolt

correctly positioned after I removed and replaced it.
Some 'repairs' are evident on the piece and were not done with much TLC. In fact, the sun dial could not be properly set up when I rented it as one of the support rings was mounted so that it could not fit around the bolt which tilts the number ring.
The number ring has zodiac symbols between the spokes

Gotta have one?
Contact: Kenneth Lynch and Sons

84 Danbury Road
P.O. Box 488
Wilton, Connecticut 06897-0488
203.762.8363 Fax: 203.762.2999

Visit there website at:

No. 2599 Danish Sundial

Bronze Patina 26"h X 20" diameter

Antique reproduction Bronze sundial from part of a Danish collection. Highly ornamental ring system resting on four Bronze scroll-like feet and supported by a center post which includes the anchor.

Cast in solid Bronze, weight: 38 lbs.
10-12 weeks for delivery as each is made to order.

Price as of Oct. 10, 2005: $3247.00
plus shipping




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