Thanks to Evelyn Turner for providing these photos and clearing up the story.

Here is a rare look back to the time that the Time Machine was between the then and now.

For years we've been told that the Time Machine was found in either an antique store or thrift store in Orange County. I don't know how these stories started but we now have a first hand account of where it was found.

The Time Machine had been sold at the famous M.G.M. auction in 1970 and went on the road as part of a traveling film exhibit. According to Evelyn, Tom Scherman found an advertisement, possibly in the Hollywood Reporter, that the props from the traveling show were for sale, including the Time Machine. Tom and Evelyn went to see the shows owner in Orange county. Tom purchased the machine, or at least what there was .It was in sad shape as seen in the following photos, and as you see in the above photo it left Tom with no money in his pockets. In turn, Bob Burns bought the machine from Tom.The original barber chair had been sold separately and the rear pods were severely broken as well.

The console and the side rails from the surround rail up were missing before the M.G.M. auction and were recreated by Tom so the machine could be on display at Lytton Savings in July 1965. Once the machine was in the hands of Bob Burns, he gathered together a team of ten friends/ prop makers to restore the machine in time for the Bob Burns Halloween show "Return of the Time Machine" in 1976.

Evelyn and Tom met through mutual friends around 1973 when she was living in Hollywood. They stayed together until around 1977 when they grew apart and went their separate ways.

Pictured is both Tom Scherman and Evelyn Turner with the time machine at the home of the traveling shows exhibitor when Tom purchased the machine .

copyright Evelyn Turner
The Time Machine as found in Orange County

copyright Evelyn Turner

copyright Evelyn Turner
Tom showing the receipt for the Time Machine and his current financial status...empty pockets

copyright Evelyn Turner
Evelyn Turner at the controls of the, very seriously in need of some TLC, Time Machine

Evelyn again at the controls of the the now restored Time Machine at the Bob Burns Halloween show "The Return of the Time Machine"

Tom Scherman in 802701 taken at the Bob Burns Halloween show



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