Part 2

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After searching around for weeks I found replacements for the resin cones that come with kit! Renuzits Airfreshioners...I was at the store and just happen to notice their shape so I bought two of them and they were PERFECT! Slightly raised details had to wet sanded off from the out side of the cones after they were cut to size. You can also see the ring that was removed from the resin kit parts...I needed a spacer to bring the replacement cones out from the deep recessed areas of the time generators.
Here you see the Time Generator Cone decal process, the Decals are rather large so I cut them into four sections making them much easier to put into place.
I gained more room for lights and other stuff by replacing the kits clear acrylic control box tube with typical plumbers tubing....with luck it had the exact same outside diameter.
Here you can see the cleaned up framework for the day, month and Year display unit. The decal was applied to a thin sheet of clear styrene then a covered by packing tape to protect and give it a nice gloss finish.
The pattern template for the control box lamps wire cages, 13mm circles will be drawn just outside the drilled holes and then before they are cut out the plastic will be painted brass on both sides, the lamps and cages will then be assembled and the plastic edges will carefully sanded down to the wire edges then with a bit of paint touch up the upper control box lamps and wire cages are finished.
I did not like the look of how the ledís lit up as they were so three 5mm LEDís were dremeled out and polished from the inside, then three 3mm ledís of the same color will be placed inside the control box lamps so they will have a more of a realistic Ďlight bulbí effect.
To the left is the disc that sits behind the Time travelers chair and the other is the housing for the power lamp that sits on top of the time generator, I then drilled down the center so that wires could be run down to the ball/trans axle for the power lamp.



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