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The Control box while experimenting with the lighting. The center Ďmonthí red lamp does not look very Ďredí in this pic but it is. There is also not a lot of room in this thing! The crystal lever can be removed to keep Morlocks or anyone else from goofing around the Time Machine when Iím not around. It was very difficult to get two potentiometers to control the Motor and the top lights in a synchronized fashion and in the small sizes! It is really very exciting! As one pushes the lever foward the motor starts to spin slowly the lights start flashing in time the green lamp flashes per each day past, the red lamp flashes for each month past and so on and at top speed the disc spins nicely and the green day lamp is almost constantly lit. Itís too bad that only six months pass before the yellow Ďyearí lamp goes on for a bit.....but it would take two more 14 pin decade timer IC circuits to do that and there just is not enough room for more STUFF in the control box.
A closer look at the Control box without the lights on. I did not like the look of how the ledís looked lit up or not so I dremeled out the three colored 5mm ledís and used three smaller 3mm ledís of the same color inside them.
Here you can see the backing plate that holds the four 5mm super bright 11,000 mcd ledís ( that is very bright! ) I needed all the power I could get because the white plastic from the renewzit air freshener cones is not as thin as I would have liked it to be but it lights up the rear caps very nicely!
A blurry and fuzzy shot....but you get the idea.
Here is the left Time Generator cone lit up! I am very happy how this turned out, Don Colemanís decals are very well done and lay down very easily! Just remember....when you get to this step cut your cone decals into four sections, it is much easier to work with this way.
A glimpse into the guts of the Time generator showing the 3v motor and how it is placed. I hope this helps anyone who wants to tackle this big and COOL kit! And I will try to help with questions you may have. More to come in October!



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