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Almost completed! The Time Machines Control box with the caps in place and all the parts mounted. Some clean up and sanding was needed so I will carefully mask the caps and the brass parts and re-paint.
Here you can see the male connectors that will hook up to the female Sockets on the side rails. I needed something small and reliable so I used eight pin IC sockets from Radio Shack To make these, I just cut them into Small groups of two pins. Right now they are stuffed just inside the opening.This side is the motor control wires the other is power in.
The Time Machines POWER LAMP that sits on top of the Time Generator. I turned an inch acrylic rod piece in a 18V cordless drill using wet/dry Sand paper 150 to 1800 grit under a running faucet in the bath sink, leaving a frost type finish then coating it will Thick layer of Tamiya acrylic clear red.
Chair Parts that have been cleaned up, sanded and ready for assembly. Masterpiece Models did an excellent job on this kit and the chair alone can be displayed as a model! 99.8 % of the upholstery pins came out just fine But at 1/6th scale I wanted a cleaner look so I decided to use various finish Nails.
In this photo you see the two main cushions with holes drilled for the upholstery buttons. Red carpet flocking you can get for 1/24 scale model cars works Perfect for the cushions!
Various pins and nails that will be used on the Chair and as the rivets On the Time Generator.
A 1/1 scale hand holding the Chair together just to show it Before painting and assembly.
For this picture some of the pins were put in place along the right chair arm rest.




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