I have always been a fan of the classic 1960 George Pal Time Machine movie. The Masterpiece Models 1/6th scale
model kit is very detailed and a excellent LARGE representation of the great TIME MACHINE! Don at the Time
Machine Project site has allowed me a chance to show you some additions and custom work that I have done and
will be doing to my Time Machine. I would also like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Don for giving us all a great place to
see, hear and learn more about Mr. Pal, the movie and much more! And for helping me on my journey through time.

You can reach Troy Enlow by clicking on the link below
The Testors paint jar shows the kits size, the disc alone is 10 inches in diameter! Lets just say that its not a small model!
Here is the Control box tube and the resin display screen frame which is part of the Masterpiece kits inventory, the tube is clear and that works out just fine for the date and time display dials which will be lit up later. You can also see the caps to the rear power unit and the control box, I used a Dremel tool to clean those out and filed them clean, a transparency will be placed inside the caps after they are painted. The crystal control knob can also be seen.
The power units back door which is a perfect access point for the batteries, motor assembly and rear lighting.
The upper vertical drive shaft with its gear. No real Nasa work here....just a whole bunch of aluminum and brass tubing inserted into each other till I get the outside and inside diameter that I need, super glue works great here! Just try to get them apart.
Here you can see the kits parts compared to the custom parts fabricated. All the inner shafts that house moving rods are brass tubes, all moving parts are brass on brass contacts. you can also see the clear part that the discíís mounting section was made from ( some medical filter from a odds and ends shop near my home )
The shafts, gears and parts that make up the upper drive assembly. All misc parts are from my parts boxes or stolen from my kids toys...."Daddy! It doníít work!" ...."Doníít worry...Iííll fix it "....gulp!
The horizontal drive shaft, the disc mounting support piece and how they line up. The large round disc is removable for easier storage, shipping to shows and access to the battery compartment.
Here you can see the metal cap that holds the disc onto the drive shaft, later it will be covered with Magic Sculpt and shaped to look just like a simple cap.
The completed drive assembly, it still needs to be cleaned up and painted. Next the motor installation and much more to come!



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