WGTD Radio Theatre

The Award Winning WGTD Radio Theater and the 91.1 Players presented a
Very Special Event.

Timeless. With a Very Special Guest!

Saturday, April 28th 2007at 11:15 a.m.

"The Time Machine"

Adapted by Steven Brown and Michael Ullstrup

Special Guest Star:

Mr. Alan Young

Star of the 1960 motion picture:

"The Time Machine"

and "Wilbur" in TV's "Mr. Ed"

Directed by Don Jensen

An original adaptation from the "timeless" H.G. Wells' classic. Follow Professor Dudley as he time travels to a world where beauty and terror live side-by-side. This is the WGTD Radio Theater’s 2007 “Sci-Fi” feature. The Time Traveler sparks a conversation about the existence of a Fourth Dimension – Time. Those in the room contest his ‘discovery’ by arguing that we cannot move freely throughout time; therefore it cannot be a dimension on the same level as length, breadth, and height. To validate his claim, the Time Traveler leaves the room and returns with a “glittering, metallic framework” resembling some sort of carriage. After explaining to the group that this model is a scale time machine he has built over the past two years, he uses the Psychologist to set the mechanism in motion. With the push of a small lever, the machine vanishes. As everyone stares in disbelief, the Time Traveler announces his plan to explore this new Fourth Dimension and unveils a full-size time machine, nearly completed.
Alan Young was the only actor to star in both the 1960 and 2002 versions of the film, "The Time Machine." He now lends his talents to the 91.1 Players and the WGTD Radio Theater, as Professor Jonathan Coatsworth, an expert in time travel and the time-space continuum.

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