Wah Ming Chang Memorial Service

The memorial service for Wah Ming Chang was held at 2:00 p.m.
on January 17, 2004 at the Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula
located in Carmel California.

Larry Fischer, a friend of Wah's since 1969 began the service by stating that Wah had told him there were 100 million Changs in the world, and Mr. Fisher added "and it's a blessing they're not all here today." He then began to relate Wah's life touching on highlights of both his personal life and career. After this portion of the service a letter was read from one of Wah's relatives which was unable to attend. Following the reading, a 12 minute video which had been prepared by animator Webster Colcord was presented.

The video included many photos of Wah during his life and clips from an interview which he did a few years ago along with clips showing his work from various film and television projects. After the screening of the video the floor was opened to anyone who wished to speak.

The entire service lasted approximately two hours, following we were all invited to the meeting hall of the church for refreshments. Inside the hall, a display had been set up with boards upon which were photos of Wah from various times in his life. One of his Dragon sculptures was centered on the table.

Click on these images to see larger views.

As I had some spare time before the service I went to the Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey and took these two photos of the bronze statue of Dennis the Menace which Wah Chang had sculpted. Four of these statues exist, one here at the park and the others are on display at Hank Ketcham's own garden, one in his studio, and the forth was placed at the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital .

Wah with one of the four staues taken 1999


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