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Time Machine Models


The dish is spun with a tiny motor hidden in the generator housing. A bearing wheel attached to the motor shaft contacts the bottom of the dish to make it spin.

The rear lamp, rear pods, and yellow console lamps all light up and the red and green console lamps blink. Also the sides and date display of the console light up

I substituted a few parts to accomodate the lighting but otherwise used most of the kit parts. Only the front half of one of the side rails was changed to metal tube so that the console wires could be run through it to the bottom of the base.

The console lamps were switched to colored LEDs as was the rear lamp and brass wire was used for the lamp cages. Also the pods were recast in clear resin and the pod and console endcaps were made from an opaque plastic.

The shaft that holds the dish was changed from the resin part to brass rod to make it more sturdy. Other than these changes the kit parts were used to complete the model.



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