(as described by François O. Beaulieu)
[all photographs are copyright 2000 by Alain Gadbois]

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The coiled wires are then painted by hand. Two coats are applied.
Finally, the coiled wires and L-rods are assembled and permanently mounted into position with tiny drops of cyanoacrylate glue.  
This close-up shows the whole assembly.

In these two extreme close-ups, one can see how the ends of the coiled wires are bent and then fitted into holes on the sides of the electrode cones.


Note that the rims at the tip of the cones were repainted white. When Alain originally painted the cones, he had assumed the rims were gold, but it was later realized that they are white. It was too late to repaint the base of the cones, but Alain insisted doing over the tips.

Alain wanted to reproduce the original Edison bulb that fits atop the shaft on the real prop. In order to achieve this, he took the top of a 10mm LED and cut it down to size and shape; then, dipped it in red varnish.

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